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“I hired Lily of Blossom Dreams by Design to redo my website. Contrary to all my angst about web designers, working with Lily has been an enjoyable adventure from the first moment.
The first thing Lily did for me was a logo. I was amazed by her attention to details and inexhaustible commitment to truthfully capture distinctiveness of my practice.
What differentiates Lily from other web and graphic designers, who I have worked or talked with, is her ability to accurately reflect my vision - understanding and incorporating my personality in unique creative ways, while being fully respectful of my time and budget. Within a month, my business grew 10% and online hits increased 73% since Lily established my online presence.
Lily did not only create my website and my entire online presence, she created unique, comprehensive, functional branding that correctly represents my business. And, she hasn’t stopped there. She’s been a valuable source of marketing ideas and support for my new business endeavors.
Lily is everything one should find in a well-rounded 21st century professional: wide spectrum of knowledge and experience, motivated, enthusiastic, responsive communicator, understandable, relaxed, confident, approachable, open to giving and receiving feedback. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to enhance his or her business with unique, professional, functional branding, website and marketing.”
Spomenka Vitman
Owner - Vitman Counseling LLC

Using expertise, ingenuity, creativity and clear communication, BLOSSOM’s intention is to develop a cohesive and consistent company image, to bring calm from chaos, and simplicity, organization, and invigorating freshness to your business.

If you relate to any of the following, you found the place you need to be…

 A Wellness Practitioner with Dreams of Having Own Business

 Have Your Own Existing Business that is… Just that… Existing

 Your Own Business is Running Your Life – Overwhelmed

  You Need New/Updated Mean to Successfully Promote Your Business

 Business You Started is Not What You Envisioned for Your Life

At whatever point you are at with your small business development, BLOSSOM is ready to work with you. Discover the relief and joy of having your own business.

Dream big, nourish your passion, relax, breathe, and enjoy the calm.

Branding & Identity

Original logo designs, custom created with memorable images along with cohesive fonts used for title and tagline, consistent colors, look and feel. Branding designed to incorporate the essential elements of logo design and developed to be easily replicated for use in various formats across all areas of business.

Custom Web Design

Mobile-responsive, custom websites (WordPress and Squarespace) developed with the look and functionality uniquely suited for your business. Quality, valuable, timely, and affordable foundation to propel your business. The user-friendly platforms provide freedom to edit and maintain your website with simplicity and ease.

Marketing – Online & Print

Covering all aspects of marketing and promoting: business cards, brochures, social media pages and cover images, newsletters, postcards, event flyers and banners, documents and client forms – all designed and created with consistent formatting and branding for a memorable, identifiable and wide-spread presence. 

Cultivate & Coordinate

Ample enthusiasm, experience, innovation, attention to detail, organizational skills, and budget consciousness, applied to brainstorm and implement new products and events. Decades of event management and peculiar drive to research, ensures comprehensive success from hosting retreats to product creation and sales.

Creative Visions, Extra Time, Passion, Success, and Smiles While Your Business Blossoms

web design

Passion – Helping You Achieve Success – Providing the Opportunity for You to Live Your Dream – Working with Spectacular Individuals – and a Rewarding Creative Outlet

THIS is how fierce enthusiasm is maintained and what drives me in providing full-spectrum services and fully investing in each client and their business!

BLOSSOM is a sole-proprietor business since the fall of 2008.

As a persistent and self-taught business owner, graphic/web designer, highly detail-oriented and organized individual, I continually expand my skill-set and services offered through BLOSSOM. This ultimately increases my ability to significantly grow the businesses of my clients coast-to-coast.

Whether you are just in the planning stage of your business or currently managing your own existing business, there are important elements to consider for achieving your vision. It can be challenging to step into that vision alone without the tools, experience, or time to tend to it all successfully.

That is where I come in.

BLOSSOM will work with you, at your pace and budget to create a clear identity, develop a fully functional, responsive custom website which resonates with *you*, and increase public awareness through consistent, widespread marketing. I have experience and expertise to guide you through the countless details of starting, growing, maintaining or transitioning your own business.

Trust is earned through years of education in health and wellness, finding benefit from the practice of various wellness modalities, and experience gained by working with countless wellness practitioners at various stages of their business. Your business will be tended to with commitment, detail, and the passion needed to develop the business you envision, one that brings you success and lights your enthusiasm.

“I went on a quest to find someone to assist me with bringing my branding ideas to life; someone who could help me share my mission, accurately. As I searched, many of the vendors I found didn’t have great branding themselves, until I ran across Lily Burns at BLOSSOM Dreams by Design. I noticed that her previous work was targeted towards the wellness field, but I was drawn to her, regardless. After sharing my mission and vision with Lily, which is that of creating financial wellness for my clients, we agreed to see where it would take us! The rest is history.
Lily was able to create exactly what I had envisioned, but better than I had imagined. She was able to see in to my mind’s eye and create, by design, exactly what I had dreamed of creating. She also helped me create what I had never dreamed of but discovered I couldn’t be without.
She is articulate, accurate, responsive and communicative. Her quality of work and vision for what I wanted to achieve was exceptional. She pushed my envelope and allowed me to see clearly what was necessary to complete, not only from the big picture perspective, but also at the micro level. Everything is working beyond what I had imagined.
Without any reservation, I recommend Lily. After a month of working together, I feel as if she has become a valued team member. She is irreplaceable.”
Owner - The Sandi Green Team: Churchill Mortgage
“Lily Burns is the most innovative, detailed-oriented and creative person that I have had the pleasure of working with.
She is always thinking about ways to grow my business. She designed a beautiful logo, is working on my website for a new project I am working on, and I couldn’t be happier.
She is a perfectionist at heart and for me one of her greatest attributes is that I don’t have to babysit her. She does what she says she is going to do and she does it ahead of schedule.
I look forward to doing more business with her.
If you are looking for someone that will understand where you are today, where you want to go and how to get there give Lily a call.
Owner - Time to Embrace Life

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