Are You Ready to Leap?

Are you ready to take YOUR leap?

Have you been holding on to a dream of having your own business?

Do you currently own a business which is not going as you had hoped?

Are you living to work, working to live, or living your dream?

2008 was a Leap Year! …and it was the year I took a LEAP of faith in myself and abilities, and with the¬†passion to help others succeed at living their dreams!

Crazy how life can be so complicated, yet so simple, at the same time! We can live day to day among the chaos life throws at us, doing work that is just that…work, and continue on accepting ‘this’ is our life.

All too often, we move through life in our ‘comfort zone’, even if quite ‘uncomfortable’, without comprehending the possibility of creating or own lives, LIVING our lives, not just moving through them. Yet, there’s really nothing complicated about it. We’ve all taken leaps, whether off a mountain top or over a small puddle. We know how. Some leaps are anticipated with anxiety and possibly doubt. Others take just a bit of increased effort and motivation.

All leaps have a number of elements in common. We leap to aim for a better ‘place’. We must pump up our energies (physical, emotional, mental, or the entirety of energies) and dare that we will succeed. We go for the leap knowing it will be exciting, invigorating, empowering, and moving us forward to a better space, perhaps a better life! passion to help others succeed at living their dreams!

Do you dare to dream?… to dream big?… to live that dream? THIS would be the time. As I’ve experienced personally, there’s no better time to take a leap in life than a designated leap year! Why?…

Leap years occur every four years. These years include one extra day to synchronize with the solar calendar. In other words leap year provides us the opportunity to catch up to that dream, and to synchronize our innate power with the empowerment we count on to make our lives complete.

I respect leap years. I honor leap years. I leap in leap years. I’m grateful for leap years, providing the opportunity to synchronize my life and dreams. They’re special. We’re special. Truly living the life you’ve dreamed of is special.
[On a side note: my father-in-law of nearly 30 years was born on leap day, February 29th! — a 1 / 1,500 chance.]

I took a giant leap of faith in my own power during leap year 2008. What an invigorating and empowering ride it has been! I want to see others find the same!

Possibly an added bonus to start off this ‘bonus’ year would provide more incentive. In honor and gratitude of this time given us to catch-up, move forward, and synchronize our lives, I want to also present an offer to those who choose to leap forward in life.

It would be spectacular if each individual made the absolute most of their own power during these special ‘bonus’ years, with the extra time gifted us to synchronize, to live, truly live life.

If you’re ready to start that business you’ve been dreaming of but holding back, or you have an existing business which you know in your heart has more potential, or that business is full of chaos running your life, I want to help!

Email me and together we will set-up a complimentary consultation to allow you the chance to voice your dream, and provide me the opportunity to show you all the potential and possibilities available, particularly with the support of someone fully invested in your dream, your business, to guide you.

Don’t wait. Leap year is upon us! It’s your time to leap!

Tell me where we’re going….

Happy Leap Year!

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