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Reality is, I Live in the ‘Rainy City’ of Seattle.

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This is

I LIVE FROM MY HEART, personally and professionally.
It is who I am.
It is the core of my being.
After yoga literally saved my life the summer of 2006, I’ve been highly passionate and devoted to helping practitioners in the wellness field.
I had attended a university in FL working towards a major in a BS in Nursing, with a minor in Dance. 3 ½ years into the 4 year program, I was forced to drop the Nursing program due to debilitating migraines at the time.  Although, a life-changing setback, I came to realize that my body, my ‘self’, was telling me this was not the path I was intended for.
Soon after leaving the university, I married my high school sweetheart, and my husband for 30 years! I was an at-home mom of two children, who immediately became my world. Both children were diagnosed with childhood bipolar disorder, and my son has significant Asperger’s (Autism Spectrum Disorder). As it turns out, it wouldn’t have even been an option for me to have a career while raising them, as fate had stepped in earlier.
Before moving to Seattle, I home-schooled both children for a year due to their psychological states at the time, until they were both psychologically stable to return to public schools. Upon moving to Seattle, our small family quickly acclimated to the welcoming community of Redmond, WA for 15 years before moving a short distance to quiet Lea Hill in Auburn, WA.
My son and daughter are now both graduates of the University of Washington. My daughter received her BS in Psychology and my son received his BS in Atmospheric Science. He then went on to earn his Masters degree from MSU’s distance-learning program in Meteorology. They are my pride and joy, and together with my husband, we’ve overcome insurmountable challenges… with the priceless, unconditional, therapy and love of our pups.
After 23 years in the IT industry (Microsoft-land), my husband was forced to change careers after being hit hard and eventually diagnosed with severe narcolepsy. As he found his symptoms improved during times of exercise and activity, he began his journey in the Wellness Industry. First obtaining certifications after two years in a personal trainer’s program and countless other certifications in TRX and other various forms of training, he has recently received his Master’s degree in Fitness and Wellness.
Through countless trials and tribulations, I’ve learned to embrace the passion for loved ones, opportunities, integrity, in what I do, why I do it, and how. I’ve experienced ‘existing’, but my passion for living life has kept me ‘alive’. Over the course of my life, I have learned to persevere, accommodate, overcome, develop confidence, be creative in all aspects of life, and to live and love with all my heart and soul. I don’t give up; it’s just not in me.
Determined to recover from numerous life-threatening conditions in my early 30’s, I timidly attended my first yoga class.  That was the catalyst for the ultimate transition to ‘being’. Shortly after making the yoga studio my second home, while helping out wherever possible, I took a leap of faith, and followed my intuition….to success!
Although nursing was not my destined path, I’ve always wanted to help others. It’s been quite a journey, but I’m now doing what is my true passion, operating my own successful business, working with magnificent practitioners along the way, learning and experiencing more with every step, and helping others to find their passion with their own successful businesses.

Creative sparks, keep ’em coming!

There’s much more of this dream to be lived!

Terms Commonly Used to Describe Lily

Highly Passionate
‘Outside the Box’ Thinker
Diverse Experience
Warm & Friendly
Open & Honest
Highly Organized
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"Lily is a godsend.
She goes above and beyond to ease the day-to-day work life of this small business owner.
Additionally, her newsletter and website design skills are exemplary.
Most appreciated are Lily's attention to detail, her creativity, her enthusiasm, and her ability to intuit next steps with various projects."

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