“I hired Lily of Blossom Dreams by Design to redo my website. Contrary to all my angst about web designers, working with Lily has been an enjoyable adventure from the first moment.
The first thing Lily did for me was a logo. I was amazed by her attention to details and inexhaustible commitment to truthfully capture distinctiveness of my practice.
What differentiates Lily from other web and graphic designers, who I have worked or talked with, is her ability to accurately reflect my vision - understanding and incorporating my personality in unique creative ways, while being fully respectful of my time and budget. Within a month, my business grew 10% and online hits increased for 73% since Lily established my online presence.
Lily did not only create my website and my entire online presence, she created unique, comprehensive, functional branding that correctly represents my business. And, she hasn’t stopped there. She’s been a valuable source of marketing ideas and support for my new business endeavors.
Lily is everything one should find in a well-rounded 21st century professional: wide spectrum of knowledge and experience, motivated, enthusiastic, responsive communicator, understandable, relaxed, confident, approachable, open to giving and receiving feedback. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to enhance his or her business with unique, professional, functional branding, website and marketing.”

Owner - Vitman Counseling LLC
“I hired Blossom to revamp my author website. The end product was amazing!
After our first meeting, Lily developed a keen sense of what I was looking for and what type of design, colors, etc. best reflected my brand.
She offered numerous, wonderful suggestions and really knows her stuff!
My website is user friendly on all platforms, and Lily advised me on technical matters. I’m so glad I hired her to design my new look.”

Pat White - Writer

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Growing selection of custom designs adapted to
virtually anything you can imagine!

Women’s, Men’s, Children’s, and Baby Apparel; 
Home and Bath Decor and Linens; 
Accessories (Phone Cases, Mugs/Bottles, Bags, Notebooks); 
In a Large Variety of Colors, Sizes, and Styles!

Clients / Businesses interested in a custom design (including business branding) for yourself and/or customers, studio stock, or promo items, please contact me! The selection of branded/designed product types available for online purchase may also be specified.

Lily Burns

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Auburn, WA 98092

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