“Lily has been very active with my foundation, A Boy and His Dream in the last several months. I was in need of a Website Design and without hesitation, Lily Burns donated her expertise to my foundation.
Her work is superior and had we had to pay for her services, we would not have been able to afford the price, as the quality and integrity of her work would be rated, that of the top elite.
Lily, has worked on several projects for our Foundation, one was recently for our email blast creation to Chicago Bulls games through a portal she helped create for home Chicago games. We had our Scholarship Drive and Advertisements which Lily has helped in creating the graphics for our entire program. We use these type inserts as documentaries for our Foundation.
Our other recent project were captured and illustrated through her strategic lay out of events through our speaking engagements, travel, and interactions with all that we meet. Her designs are clean crisp and precise . We have received many hits on social media platform from the expertly displaced web design.
Lily Burns, is a woman of integrity and recently accepted a position as a volunteer Board Member with our Foundation, A Boy and His Dream Foundation.
She will be an asset to any endeavor that she takes on as her work speaks for itself.”

President/Founder - A Boy and His Dream Foundation


I’m a small business owner, like you, facing many of the challenges and dilemmas and likely have similar experiences and goals.

I am exceedingly passionate about what I do and providing creative, innovative, quality, and consistent products, services, marketing, and events with efficient ‘out of the box’ thinking, an eye for detail, and both time and money-saving alternatives for my clients. I work nearly exclusively with women, as I feel the connection and drive to help them as individuals find empowerment, happiness, and success!

I get to know YOU, as an individual, person to person, not part of a big agency developing the ‘right’ business from their perspective, but working with you to develop the business YOU envision, what is ‘right’ for YOU.

What Makes BLOSSOM the Right Pick for You?

I’m confident, from my experience with practitioners of numerous modalities and at various stages of business development, I could be of great benefit to you and your business!


As with other countless web-development and marketing agencies, BLOSSOM offers:

– Quality & Mobile-Friendly Website Creation

– Customized Branding

– Social Media Services

– Valuable Advice and Suggestions

– Knowledge and Experience of Products & Services


However, BLOSSOM stands out from other ‘agencies’:

* I’m a small business owner, like you, sincerely passionate in helping to develop your dream!

* I understand the financial dilemmas of starting and owning a business, and structured to accommodate your budget needs.

* You have the opportunity to customize and re-evaluate the variety and scope of services provided at any point along our journey.

* I work closely with you to gain insight into your preferences, style, needs and priorities.

* I have numerous years of exposure and experience within the Wellness community from multiple perspectives

* Catering specifically to the Wellness field, I have intimate knowledge of the average customer’s needs and tendencies.

* Working with you as a full-spectrum service provider offers built-in consistency, efficiency, and continuity of service.

* My expertise is ever-expanding; if I’m not yet completely knowledgeable with your needs, I research and learn rapidly.

You have a dream. My role is to work with you to develop that dream into reality. My end goal – a ‘SMILE’ from another remarkable client!

“Having Lily’s help with your startup business is like having your very own ‘genie from a bottle’…
except, you get many more than three wishes!
* This or that needs to get done? Lily can do it.
* Thousand details; unsure of priorities? Lily helps set priorities & cover the details!
* Not sure what to do about this or that? Lily can make suggestions.
* Stuck and not sure what to do next? Lily will guide you to a next best step.
* Confused & overwhelmed? Lily brings order to chaos, freeing you to do what you do best.
Over the 3 ½ yrs working with Lily as part of the core team at HealthySenseOfSelf, LLC startup, I found
Lily is conscientious, responsible, thorough, has great attention to detail, careful, creative, and knowledgeable. She follows instructions, takes initiative, AND is a wonderful team player.
Lily is also very kind, sweet, and generous!”

Consultant, HealthySenseOfSelf

BLOSSOM Dreams by Design provides full-spectrum business services. Examples of those are described here.


Your logo, colors, fonts, and illustration are powerful expressions of your business identity and amplify professional credibility.

Your company needs to establish a strong presence in the marketplace and stand out from competitors. A cohesive, unique and pleasing identity will set you apart with an easily recognizable and expressive ‘personality’.

The consistent design of a company identity reflects the essence, ethics, culture, principles, and its future ambitions. This ‘personality’ that is presented to the public is more likely to develop loyalty to the business when it is customer-oriented.

It is human nature for consumers to apply personal experiences to a company’s identity. Therefore, a company identity with a strong and positive impact creates a favorable mental image of the business in a consumer’s mind.

Appeal and consistency are keys to identity success!

That is why BLOSSOM takes the time to talk with you personally, to research whatever current presence you have online, and listen to the ‘feeling’ behind your vision and goals.

By doing so, an identity for your business evolves which strongly resonates with you!

This company identity will be the driving force motivating and guiding you as the framework to operate your business.

*** It is essential for small business owners to understand the connection and importance of your company identity to the creation of the logo, branding, website design, social media presence, and marketing (online and print).


Your online presence is one of the most valuable tools your business will possess.


Any business, both established and startup, regardless of the industry, location, products or services, will eventually NEED to establish an online presence.

Small businesses, particularly Wellness practitioners, have the added challenge to reflect a professional, personable, clean, and friendly representation to potential clients.

Within the Wellness Industry are numerous modalities. Within each modality are countless practitioners with unique styles. BLOSSOM is very attuned to this, and will work with you to develop a design resonating with you and your desired clientele.

Key Features for a Positive Online Experience and Website

» Custom website which holds the viewers attention at first glance

» One that is an attractive and memorable presentation of your service and/or products

» Visitors are looking for quick access to information; a crisp and easy to navigate website will keep them interacting

» Websites must be responsive fluidly adapting to any screen size, from smart phone to large screen monitors

» WordPress offers an excellent platform for infinite possibilities to design a user-friendly, fully-functional interactive website.

» With the training provided by BLOSSOM, you will be set to maintain and update your website with blog posts, events, etc. with ease.

» If time is an issue, which is often the case, BLOSSOM provides continued support and updates for as long as is suitable for you.


Successful small businesses make sure each of the compartments of online presence is covered.


— Websites

— Mobile

— Social Media

— Email/Newsletters

Providing a full-spectrum of services, BLOSSOM ensures a clear vision and focused online visibility for your unique small business.

During my nine years with BLOSSOM, I have experienced the evolution of social media and its impact on business success.


Powerful Perspectives:

∗ 97% of consumers search online for products and services

∗ 91% have visited a business because of their online experience

∗ 88% have been influenced by an online review

In order to reach 50 million people it took:

∗ 75 years for the phone

∗ 38 years for radio

∗ 13 years for television

∗ 3 ½ years for Facebook

∗ And currently 1 billion active users per month on YouTube!


Beginning with integrating your branding across all the appropriate social platforms, I develop cover images, profile images, a social sharing strategy and numerous techniques to both broaden and focus your brand promotion. 

Remembering ‘Consistency is Key’, I apply those same branding elements to your online newsletters, event promotions (such as workshops or retreats), digital products and online stores/purchases. 

Working with you, BLOSSOM will solidify a clear vision. Clever research, creative solutions and quality design establishes a strong online presence for your business in all areas.


Consistent design and presentation of a company’s identity reflects the essence, ethics, culture, principles, and future ambitions.


Using the best standards for design and print along with my exceptional passion for intuitive design and a bizarre and impeccable attention to detail, I embrace the seemingly involuntary creative sparks continuously firing in my mind.

I’m delighted to develop clear and consistent branding and marketing to assure visibility and public awareness of a cohesive, unique and pleasing identity setting you apart with an easily recognizable and expressive ‘personality’.

This ‘personality’ that is visible to the public is more likely to develop loyalty to the business when it is customer-oriented.


I highly encourage small business owners to consistently brand everything! Often forgotten are the various client forms and documents. Typically, intake forms are the first tangible representation of your business/practice you clients will experience.

It’s my intention to create a crisp, professional, welcoming, and uncluttered impression which both establishes your branding and an undaunting introduction to your business.

Other Print Materials Include, but Not Limited to:

Business Cards
Trifold Brochures
Door & Vehicle Signage
A-Board Signs
Magazine & Newspaper Ads
Card Decks

Make your presence known and catching the eyes of the public everywhere! BLOSSOM’s creative sparks are certain to make it POP!


Little Details Make a Big Difference


Running a business typically includes hosting events of some sort. It can be overwhelming to be managing your practice, reaching out to new clients, and have the numerous details of an upcoming event looming for weeks… or the unexpected in a day or two.

Whether it be an Open House, a formal book-signing, workshop, or a retreat abroad, there are a multitude of tasks to be done.

Personally and professionally, I love the intricacies and numerous details and organizing for an event, and taking care of those items that would otherwise have been done at the eleventh hour or forgotten altogether.

I’ve been the ‘go to’ person for arranging everything from large family dinners, receptions, showers, birthday parties and more, since I was too young to even partake in some of these activities!


Making lists


Devising innovative cost-effective solutions to large projects

Gathering supplies and decor

Brainstorming to establish schedules, and

Developing, branding and formatting the necessary documents, waivers and forms for a long-distance retreat

— the many details and tasks I thrive on!  And, with every event, the results are complete, successful and much appreciated by all.


I began my business on a leap of faith (in myself and what I could offer) and the passion, perseverance, and ability to self-teach, create, and follow-through with my goals.


From ‘day one’ of BLOSSOM, I have articulated every detail, every skill-set, every service, every innovative idea and every word of content. I assimilated input from numerous sources and experiences to create a flourishing, healthy, reliable and rewarding means to help others have the same success. 

Through the many years of operating my own business, I’ve had a fierce appetite for researching, learning and creating! 

This has not only led to the significant growth and expansion of BLOSSOM, but has had tremendous positive impact on the businesses I have had the opportunity to work with.

As a persistent and quick self-taught business owner, graphic and web designer, and highly detail-oriented, organized individual, I have successfully expanded and transformed BLOSSOM, along with an abundance of clients/businesses I’ve worked with.

I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to successfully maintain and continually grow my own business.  It wasn’t fully evident just how rewarding it would be until approached by spectacular client after client.  

I’m truly honored to have been entrusted to work with such delightful individuals and their phenomenal businesses.


As a bonus, I’m repeatedly receiving appreciation and praise for the services and products I present to my clients. Quite a reward to be given such gratitude for something I am thoroughly passionate about, enjoy doing on a daily basis.

I thrive in environments where I can put my strong communication, organization and creative skills to work helping others, while bringing calm from chaos to the business, and ultimately the business owner. It allows an outlet for those involuntary, creative sparks constantly firing in my mind.

Ready to Step Forward Toward Your Dream?

In this booklet, you will find more information regarding what to pack, how we will progress on this journey, and what you can expect along the way. Please contact me to set up a complimentary initial consultation, and tell me where we are headed!!

Tech Jargon and Web-Speak Demystified

I have gathered a rather extensive list of terms which you may likely hear during any design or web development project. There are countless more of these ‘techy’ terms that pop-up, although I imagine the ‘on a need to know basis’ is all you’re interested in.

Dreams by Design Online Shops!

Growing selection of custom designs adapted to virtually anything you can imagine!

Women’s, Men’s, Children’s, and Baby Apparel; 
Home and Bath Decor and Linens; 
Accessories (Phone Cases, Mugs/Bottles, Bags, Notebooks); 
In a Large Variety of Colors, Sizes, and Styles!

Clients / Businesses interested in a custom design (including business branding) for yourself and/or customers, studio stock, or promo items, please contact me! The selection of branded/designed product types available for online purchase may also be specified.

Lily Burns

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Auburn, WA 98092

Let’s Chat!

Contact me to schedule an initial complimentary consultation.

I’d be delighted to learn about you and your business and to discuss the numerous possibilities and various ways BLOSSOM will be most beneficial!


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