Awesome Feedback from Amazing Clients

“Lily is so incredibly helpful and talented. I always feel like my projects are a priority and the end result is absolutely beautiful. Lily is incredibly timely, organized, thorough and forward thinking. She organizes my projects and we get through them until they are done! I absolutely LOVE everything that Lily has created for my company. She goes above and beyond in her work and it shows.”
Owner - Simplicity Nutrition
“I hired Lily of Blossom Dreams by Design to redo my website. Contrary to all my angst about web designers, working with Lily has been an enjoyable adventure from the first moment.
The first thing Lily did for me was a logo. I was amazed by her attention to details and inexhaustible commitment to truthfully capture distinctiveness of my practice.
What differentiates Lily from other web and graphic designers, who I have worked or talked with, is her ability to accurately reflect my vision - understanding and incorporating my personality in unique creative ways, while being fully respectful of my time and budget. Within a month, my business grew 10% and online hits increased 73% since Lily established my online presence.
Lily did not only create my website and my entire online presence, she created unique, comprehensive, functional branding that correctly represents my business. And, she hasn’t stopped there. She’s been a valuable source of marketing ideas and support for my new business endeavors.
Lily is everything one should find in a well-rounded 21st century professional: wide spectrum of knowledge and experience, motivated, enthusiastic, responsive communicator, understandable, relaxed, confident, approachable, open to giving and receiving feedback. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to enhance his or her business with unique, professional, functional branding, website and marketing.”
Spomenka Vitman
Owner - Vitman Counseling LLC
“I went on a quest to find someone to assist me with bringing my branding ideas to life; someone who could help me share my mission, accurately. As I searched, many of the vendors I found didn’t have great branding themselves, until I ran across Lily Burns at BLOSSOM Dreams by Design. I noticed that her previous work was targeted towards the wellness field, but I was drawn to her, regardless. After sharing my mission and vision with Lily, which is that of creating financial wellness for my clients, we agreed to see where it would take us! The rest is history.
Lily was able to create exactly what I had envisioned, but better than I had imagined. She was able to see in to my mind’s eye and create, by design, exactly what I had dreamed of creating. She also helped me create what I had never dreamed of but discovered I couldn’t be without.
She is articulate, accurate, responsive and communicative. Her quality of work and vision for what I wanted to achieve was exceptional. She pushed my envelope and allowed me to see clearly what was necessary to complete, not only from the big picture perspective, but also at the micro level. Everything is working beyond what I had imagined.
Without any reservation, I recommend Lily. After a month of working together, I feel as if she has become a valued team member. She is irreplaceable.”
Sandi Green
Owner - The Sandi Green Team: Churchill Mortgage
“Lily specializes in websites for health, wellness, and health care offerings. She is careful to get to know you so your website represents you, what you do, and brings a feel of wellness with it. Very professional.”
Dr. Valerie Rice
Owner - VitaLife Center
“Lily has been very active with my foundation, A Boy and His Dream in the last several months. I was in need of a Website Design and without hesitation, Lily Burns donated her expertise to my foundation.
Her work is superior and had we had to pay for her services, we would not have been able to afford the price, as the quality and integrity of her work would be rated, that of the top elite.
Lily, has worked on several projects for our Foundation, one was recently for our email blast creation to Chicago Bulls games through a portal she helped create for home Chicago games. We had our Scholarship Drive and Advertisements which Lily has helped in creating the graphics for our entire program. We use these type inserts as documentaries for our Foundation.
Our other recent project were captured and illustrated through her strategic lay out of events through our speaking engagements, travel, and interactions with all that we meet. Her designs are clean crisp and precise. We have received many hits on social media platform from the expertly displaced web design.
Lily Burns, is a woman of integrity and recently accepted a position as a volunteer Board Member with our Foundation, A Boy and His Dream Foundation.
She will be an asset to any endeavor that she takes on as her work speaks for itself."
Sunny Akomu Akhigbe
President/Founder - A Boy and His Dream Foundation
“I have recently started working with Lily again to rename my business, create a new website,, and do all sort of projects associated with this transition.
She has always been awesome, and now, after some years without requiring her help, I can tell that she has expanded her skills vastly, and she can take on so many diverse aspects of my small wellness business. She anticipated my needs, suggested a lot of tools, organization ideas, and it is invaluable to know that I have her support.
She is great with design and formatting, knows her field very well and is very personable and energetic, her enthusiasm is contagious.
So happy with her work!"
Georgina Verza E-RYT® 200, RYT®, LMT
Owner - El Jardin Yoga and Massage
“Lily is an amazing person to work with.
She helped me put my website up and functioning in a few weeks!
It is beautiful and that is because she is intuitive, creative, knowledgeable and 'up with' all of the most current trends and needs for a business website ... and she is fun. We have had several laugh-out-loud phone conversations that helped me keep from getting anxious about the tasks at hand.
Her gentle guidance and honest opinion are exactly what I need and honor. Lily was always encouraging me to consider options that were beyond anything I could have ever known to consider. Her great ideas made for excellent choices.
I will be her client for a long time with more and more possibilities for how to expand my business and my personal power. Thank you so much Lily."
Lucy K. Ziegler
Founder - Southwest Counseling and Mindfulness Center
"Lily is a godsend.
She goes above and beyond to ease the day-to-day work life of this small business owner. Additionally, her newsletter and website design skills are exemplary.
Most appreciated are Lily's attention to detail, her creativity, her enthusiasm, and her ability to intuit next steps with various projects."
Kintla Striker
Founder - Kintla Yoga Therapy®
"I hired Blossom to revamp my author website. The end product was amazing!
After our first meeting, Lily developed a keen sense of what I was looking for and what type of design, colors, etc. best reflected my brand. She offered numerous, wonderful suggestions and really knows her stuff!
My website is user friendly on all platforms, plus Lily advised me on technical matters. I’m so glad I hired her to design my new ‘look’."
Pat White
Pat White - Writer
“Lily has been a pleasure to work with as I build my coaching business.
She is patient and very attentive to all my crazy ideas and is just as excited and enthusiastic about my success as I am!
She really does want you to succeed and gives her all so that you do so!”
Dena Kowalczyk
Owner - Radiant Journey Coaching
“Essential Yoga School has a new and improved website. Check it out! I couldn’t be happier with Lily's creative vision.
She has an extraordinary imagination and gifted with the very rare ability to connect with someone’s ideas and bring them to life. I’m marveled with her devotion and impeccable work.
I highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in transitioning into the next level of their business marketing needs! Thank you Lily Burns.”
Jen Claudio
Owner - Essential Yoga School
“Lily is my Tech Goddess. I believe in operating within my gifts, and tech is not one of them. Luckily for me, Lily shines in that area. She is always quick to respond, does an amazing and very thorough job, has great ideas for improving my business, and her prices are very reasonable.
She took a website that someone else had been “working on” for me (and failing to complete) and had it up an running in a few days, with vast improvements! Whenever I need something done, she is on it! AND she offers to show me how to make changes on my own, should I want to take care of something myself.
Every entrepreneur needs help, so that they can focus on running their business. Lily takes care of the underpinnings of my business so that I can do what I love!”
Katie Owen
Owner - Katie Lu Owen
“Lily Burns is the most innovative, detailed-oriented and creative person that I have had the pleasure of working with.
She is always thinking about ways to grow my business. She designed a beautiful logo, is working on my website for a new project I am working on, and I couldn’t be happier.
She is a perfectionist at heart and for me one of her greatest attributes is that I don’t have to babysit her. She does what she says she is going to do and she does it ahead of schedule. I look forward to doing more business with her.
If you are looking for someone that will understand where you are today, where you want to go and how to get there give Lily a call.”
Tamica Lloyd
Owner - Time to Embrace Life
“Lily is very detail-oriented, very proactive and has experience working with different types of clients in different business-types and it shows. She adds a lot of the knowledge that she has acquired and resources which she has found to her skill-set.
Lily is also very personable, respectful and nice to work with. She helped me a lot in the transition from being an employee to opening my own business.” [Jan 2015]
Georgina Verza
Owner - Georgina Verza Yoga & Massage
“I would highly recommend Lily Burns for any business development, marketing, copy writing, or organizational projects.
Lily has provided amazing service for my business.She not only completes any task asked of her, but she is very thorough and quick, and is always coming up with new ways to help my business grow.
She’s very talented writer, marketer, and graphic designer and is always proactive and professional in our work together. She has a positive attitude and a willingness to help with anything that is needed.
You would be fortunate to work with Lily.”
Nancy Wile
Owner - Yoga Education Institute
“My only regret about working with Lily Burns is that our time together didn’t last longer.
During those six months at HealthySenseOfSelf, LLC, I served the role of business manager, and Lily served in various capacities including sponsorship specialist, event planner, administrative support, and operations consultant.
Not only did I find her pleasant to be around as a person, but her dedication to the effort and team, timeliness, and skills in productivity made her a very important asset to the organization. I have found that Lily is very capable of handling a large number of initiatives and tasks simultaneously, while delivering a quality product on time.
One of the things I appreciate most about Lily is that she consistently strives towards excellence. Whether she was organizing an event, performing marketing research, meeting with potential sponsors, or reconciling finances, she did so with acute attention to detail that minimized errors, and allowed me to focus my energies where I needed.
To put it succinctly, I could always trust Lily to get the job done well and on-time.”
Michael B. Maine
Creative Director @ Menrva Labs
formerly Business Manager @ HealthySenseOfSelf
“I highly recommend Lily Burns for anyone who is in the very beginning stages of a new business startup, or those who have been struggling on their own for a period of time and have finally figured out (as I did) that they need help from someone with website, social media and marketing expertise.
Immediately after our first phone consultation, Lily jumped in and got started. She works efficiently, and brings a high level of organization and creativity to all aspects of her work. No matter how many tasks or changes I come up with, Lily always keeps in mind my objectives and preferences, and somehow always has a handle on where we stand with my often endless “to do” lists.
The fact that Lily is on the west coast and I’m on the east coast, makes no difference whatsoever. She responds quickly to every email and every request.
I couldn’t be more pleased with my decision to work with Lily. We have a terrific working relationship and I’m thrilled with the website she created for me. You will be making a smart decision for you and your new business to hire her, no matter if it’s for a short-term project or ongoing marketing support. Thanks for all your hard work Lily!”
Barbara Rodgers
Owner - Nutrition Life Strategies
Board of Directors for the National Association
of Nutrition Professionals (NANP)
“Lily brings extraordinary skills to anything she takes on. Creativity, persistence, commitment, integrity, and, very rare in this world, ‘impeccability’. She is an asset to any organization lucky enough to have her.”
Paul Zohav
Owner - Living Legacy Publications
[Acknowledgement printed in ‘Healthy Sense of Self: How to be true to your Self and make your world a better place!’, authored by Antoinetta Vogels and published with my assistance]

“A deeply felt ‘thank you’ to you, Lily, for the way you have performed what I asked of you. Not only were you punctual and neat, but you were dedicated and available. You always were prompt in doing what needed to be done and your dedication clearly showed each time you offered your suggestions that made my life so much easier.
Your heartwarming presence as a person is a true asset to HealthySenseOfSelf and to my personal life. I’m truly in awe of how you deal with personal challenges, and never let them interfere with the work you do.
I consider myself lucky to have run into you at the appropriate time. Because without you, this project would have a lot fewer visual aids and promotional material than it proudly has now.
Thanks for offering your good and creative energy!”
Antoinetta Vogels
Owner & Author - HealthySenseOfSelf, LLC
“Lily has assisted me greatly in the process of writing my book and turning it into a production-ready manuscript… …as well as with the organization and execution of our Grand Opening and Book Launch Celebration Event!
Lily’s displayed great devotion to our cause, to myself as the CEO of my company, as well as her valuable contributions, ranging from her dependable promptness and attention to detail to her catching so many last minute important to-do’s that had not been thought of at the 11th hour.
She would go above and beyond time and time again. I recommend Lily Burns as a trustworthy, skillful and very responsive person.”
Antoinetta Vogels
Owner & Author - HealthySenseOfSelf, LLC
“Lily’s energy and attention to detail is evident in her work. I appreciate her passion and enthusiasm for the studio and everything she does for us.
I work full-time as well, so I’m extremely grateful to have her as a personal assistant. She gets the word out about the studio by distributing schedules and flyers, keeps the studio immaculate and takes care of many of the little details that can’t be ignored.
Lily is dependable and I know I can count on her at any time.”
Owner - Flow Yoga Redmond
***Forever grateful for entrusting me with her
business and studio as my first client opportunity!
"Lily, THANK YOU so much!
The burden you have lifted off of me has been immense!”
Karen Herold
Owner - OM Yoga of Redmond
“Having Lily’s help with your startup business is like having your very own ‘genie from a bottle’…
except, you get many more than three wishes!
* This or that needs to get done? Lily can do it.
* Thousand details; not sure of priorities? Lily helps set priorities and covers many details!
* Not sure what to do about this or that? Lily can make suggestions.
* Stuck and not sure what to do next? Lily will guide you to a next best step.
* Confused & overwhelmed? Lily brings order to chaos, freeing you to do what you do best.

Over the last 3 ½ years working with Lily as part of the core team at HealthySenseOfSelf, LLC startup, I can say Lily is conscientious, responsible, thorough, has great attention to detail, careful, creative, and knowledgeable. She follows instructions, takes initiative, AND is a wonderful team player.
Lily is also very kind, sweet, and generous!”
Alia Aurami, Ph.D.
Consultant - HealthySenseOfSelf, LLC
“Before Lily took care of all the details of running my small business I never thought I would be able to free up so much time to focus on my work.
It is so nice to know I can rely on her when things get hectic. Lily is very proactive, dedicated and organized.”
Georgina Verza
Owner - Georgina Verza

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