A Curious Creative Mind Wants to Know

A Curious Creative Mind Wants to Know! What is it that sparks your passion of living your dream? What, where, or who ignites your drive? Are there clouds which dim your way? How do you create that beautiful exciting rainbow? If you dream of having your own practice or your own business,

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Are You Ready to Leap?

Are You Ready to Leap? Are you ready to take YOUR leap? Have you been holding on to a dream of having your own business? Do you currently own a business which is not going as you had hoped? Are you living to work, working to live, or living your dream? 2008

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Dreams by Design Online Shops!

Growing selection of custom designs adapted to
virtually anything you can imagine!

Women’s, Men’s, Children’s, and Baby Apparel; 
Home and Bath Decor and Linens; 
Accessories (Phone Cases, Mugs/Bottles, Bags, Notebooks); 
In a Large Variety of Colors, Sizes, and Styles!

Clients / Businesses interested in a custom design (including business branding) for yourself and/or customers, studio stock, or promo items, please contact me! The selection of branded/designed product types available for online purchase may also be specified.

Lily Burns

12725 SE 312th Ave G302
Auburn, WA 98092

Let’s Chat!

Contact me to schedule a complimentary initial consultation.

I’d be delighted to learn about you and your business, and to discuss the numerous possibilities and various ways BLOSSOM will be most beneficial!


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